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A digital era requires a new approach to due diligence.

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Valearis and eccelerate join mindcurv

January 24, 2022
Company News
Big news just as the year begins: Valearis and its sister company eccelerate will become part of the Mindcurv Group, an IT development and implementation company.
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Gaming as a Private Equity focus sector

January 21, 2022
Blog Post
Videogaming is now bigger than Hollywood and likely the gateway towards the Metaverse. Our MD Bastian discusses why investors should take a closer look.
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Taking stock - A look back at our 2021

December 31, 2021
Company News
This year was our first full year in operation, having launched the Valearis brand in Q1/2020. This is our look back at the year 2021, including completed deal work...
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Affiliate marketing in the upper funnel

March 1, 2022
Blog Post
Over the past years, affiliate marketing has grown its importance as a marketing channel. In this article we discuss its shift from lower to upper funnel.

the valearis approach

Holistic Due Diligence

We believe many existing due diligence approaches are insufficient. Analyzing targets in today's environment - where time to disruption is shorter than ever - requires a holistic approach: combining Commercial Due Diligence with Digital and IT Due Diligence.

That is the Valearis approach.

Commercial DD


Competitive Landscape

Customer Behavior

Operational Performance

Business Plan

Digital DD

Traffic Acquisition

Online Marketing Effectiveness

Platform Performance

Customer Experience

Customer Retention & CRM


IT Operations

Scalability & Maintainability


Development Approach

Dev Roadmap & Budget

Our Services

How We can Help

At Valearis, we help both financial as well as strategic investors in the assessment of potential investments. Our sweet spot are small-to mid-cap size funds and strategic investors investing in targets with enterprise valuations ranging from €50-€500m. We accompany our clients from pre-deal outside-in evaluations and sector research to buy-side or sell-side commercial and digital due diligences. For digital sales- and marketing deep-dives as well as value creation, we partner with our sister firm eccelerate.

Our due diligence approaches can span from short, intense red-flag engagements to deep and extensive due diligences that expand the CDD into IT, tech and digital due diligence.

Deal Screening

We help clients analyze sectors and identify relevant targets as well as perform preliminary outside-in evaluations.

Commercial Due Diligence

Our core service - comprehensive commercial due diligence, analyzing small- & mid-cap targets in our areas of expertise.

Digital Due Diligence

Analysis of operational performance of targets with digital business models, gaining insights along the entire sales-marketing funnel.

IT DD & Code Review

IT (aka Tech) due diligence is concerned with the operations and development aspects of a target company's IT. The depth of an IT DD can range from a basic high-level overview to a detailed IT audit including a code review together with our colleagues at mindcurv.

Value Creation & Add-Ons

We help you develop 100-day growth plans as well as identify potential add-ons as part of your roll-up strategy.

Vendor DD & Exit Planning

We help pave the way for an exit as well as prepare relevant VCDD documents, to enable a smooth sale to the next investor.


"Rather than thinking, 'I am right', I started asking 'How do I know that I am right?'" - Ray Dalio

We begin commercial due diligence processes from a point of humility. We develop hypotheses, which we try to validate or refute, being particularly mindful of the impact of digitization.

Modern due diligence processes need to take into account the impact of digital technologies - both as a threat (red-flag) as well as an opportunity.

CDD teams need to identify the key questions that, when answered, allow a judgment as to whether a target is worth investing in - and standard approaches often do not deliver these answers. Instead of spending time on finding these relevant questions, CDD providers tend obfuscate a relevant opinion by deliver sheer mass of output.

We seek to truly understand the key drivers of the industry our targets operate in. We do this through intense preparation, through the addition of industry experts to our teams, and leveraging our extensive and complementary expertise.

We think both as advisers and as entrepreneurs. We constantly ask "What would we do, if it was our company?".

Design thinking approaches guide us, when determining potential disruptive forces that could affect targets. E.g. we use "destroy your business" exercises to understand scenarios in which the target business model could become obsolete, particularly given the potential impact of digitization. We also spend time to identify start-ups that could either be potential disruptive competitors or become attractive add-ons to the target.

Our team

Meet The team

Our core team is a mix of talents: analytical, creative and entrepreneurial. All our team members have vast experience in buy-side and sell-side mergers & acquisitions, commercial due diligence and portfolio company value creation. However, they complete this experience with first-hand industry and start-up experience as well as general awesomeness.

We enhance our team with industry and digital experts (e.g. from our sister firm eccelerate) where necessary, thereby always guaranteeing an intimate understanding of the target's industry on our team and reducing ramp up times.

Lennard Grewe, MBA

Managing Director

Sebastian Koller, MBA


Matthias Carell

Senior Expert IT Due Diligence & Audit

Dr. Jan Wind

Senior Expert Data Analytics


areas of expertise

We are specialized in all aspects of retail: From FMCG to brick-and-mortar retail to the entire gamut of digital business models. Our expertise goes beyond, however: We are your best partner in the entire digital eco-system: from ad-tech providers, agencies, software providers as well as to the videogaming and e-Sports sector.

If your target is active in any of these sectors or intends to grow its business digitally, Valearis should be your due diligence provider.

Retail, Store, Brick-and-mortar shopping


electronic commerce, digital business models, digital commerce

B2B & B2C e-Commerce

software development, IT operations, IT service providers

Software & IT

advertising marketing technology, CRM software, bidding software


influencer marketing, direct to consumer, social commerce, social media marketing

D2C & Social Commerce

fast moving consumer goods, supermarkets, mass market, drugstore


marketing agencies, consulting firms, IT service providers

Professional Services

online marketplaces, amazon, ebay, alibaba

Online Marketplaces

warehouse, logistics, quick commerce, last mile delivery

Gaming & eSports


Selected Past Clients

We are humbled that many major German and international  Private Equity firms as well as strategic investors have enlisted us as advisors.

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