Valearis expands spectrum of Tech and IT Due Diligence

April 26, 2022
Company News

Today, the relevance of Tech or IT Due Diligence is understood by a large majority of investors – even in “non-digital” deals.

As you know, at Valearis we focus on providing Commercial, Digital and Tech/IT Due Diligence on companies with digital business models or those that enable digital business models.

As of March 2022 we are officially part of the mindcurv Group and happy to inform you about the latest addition to our IT/Tech DD services.

The scope of our IT and Tech Due Diligences is generally focused on…

-         …how business and IT departments work together and how well they are aligned

-         …the IT organization: its size, skill-sets and ability to maintain current operations and develop software in the future as well as key people risks

-         …the IT operations landscape: evaluation of system architecture and infrastructure and thus to gain an understanding of scalability, maintainability and security as well as likely investment needs

-         …the software development set-up and capability: development methods compared to best practices, coding languages, development roadmap and budgets

As of today, we are complementing this already comprehensive set-up with the ability to review the code quality and thus not only assess input factors but also actual code output.

We thus improve our ability to evaluate the DEV teams. Additionally, we generate insights regarding code quality dimensions such as code maintainability, reliability and security.

As of now, code reviews can be booked as additional modules in our Tech Due Diligence processes.

We are looking forward to providing these additional insights as part of our next joint project!      

For more details, please click the download link below!

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